World hello

By Rod

Here's a photo of my dog and avocado tree. 

Bug in my code!

By Rod

Man, this one was so frustrating i have to shout about it into the void:

the User model and the Userprofile models on our site are linked by a 1:1 fkey. This lets us dissociate the auth component from the user data, which i like. We had been assuming that since the profile is automatically created when the user object is created,(fires a django signal) that the ID's in the DB for each would stay in sync. No-one would manually create a user, (hahahahah) so the and would have the same row id in the DB.

So, that was a bad assumption. we had an issue where profile data from other users was being rendered on the wrong user's profile page, because we still needed to call `firstname` and `lastname` on the User model, but everything else was on the profile. we were using the ID# of the user sent to the template without checking that the Userprofile was actually for that user.

now i check.